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Snow in Tennessee

Any of you with more than a dusting of snow will probably want to skip this post :)…because our excitement will be laughable to you 🙂

Since we sooo rarely see any snow–a small amount is a big deal, especially for the children.  So we did get enough here today for them to play.  We had to quickly finish breakfast so they could get out there before it melted.  Here’s a few pics of us enjoying the rare sight of snow.


Josiah and I even ventured out for a little bit.  A nineteen-month old in the snow is a bit tricky…add to it a 6-month pregnant momma…and you may get lucky enough to capture a $100k video!  Shew, we survived and are back inside now.  Of course Morgan and Eli remained outside.




Here’s our neighbor’s horses that we get to enjoy 🙂


Well, better go get some hot chocolate ready for the cold bodies coming back in the house.


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Moving, anyone?

I must say, I never imagined moving twice in two months all in the midst of extreme nausea and fatigue caused by pregnancy.  But we have lived to tell about it— all because of God’s mercy and His power to accomplish His will in our lives.  I guess you could say that Paul and I like to do things the “unusual way”.  It’s been quite a journey!  At the end of October we moved to south central Kentucky.  But our stay there was very brief.  At the beginning of January we moved back to middle Tennesse.  And boy does it feel good to be “home”!  Living in Kentucky felt like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  Can anyone relate?

We are so thrilled to be back in Tennessee near dear friends and family.  The weekend we found a rental home to move in to, God orchestrated everything perfectly.  Not only did we have nice weather (in January…a miracle all in itself)…but many workers to help with the actual move.  We had more helpers to load the truck than we’ve ever had in the past.  And this all came about in 24 hours.  It reminded me of the scripture in Isaiah of “His ways are not our ways”.  We could have never orchestrated such an event.

There are many details I’ll not share in this public forum.  I wanted to share and encourage any of you who may find yourself in such a situation…wondering, where is this leading? what is going to happen? how can I figure it all out?  Just as I am discovering, I cannot lean on my own understanding…but in all my ways, I must acknowledge Him.  I truly believe He’s wanting us to “move” in all sorts of ways…out of the ways of the world and into His ways. 


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